Woman Admits to Poisoning Scheme, Faces Consequences

(LibertySons.org) – In August 2023, police arrested Melody Felicano Johnson in Arizona. She was accused of trying to poison her husband — a member of the US Air Force. Initially, she entered a plea of not guilty for attempted murder and other charges, even after video evidence seemed to show otherwise. However, the suspect recently changed her mind.

On April 8, Johnson pleaded guilty to two counts of poisoning food or drink in exchange for the state dropping the attempted murder charge against her. The defendant admitted to dumping bleach into her husband’s morning coffee on two separate occasions.

According to the airman, the incidents started when he was stationed in Germany. He noticed his coffee tasted weird and decided to set up security cameras to find out what was happening. That’s when he allegedly saw his wife pouring something into the coffee maker.

Johnson reportedly continued her antics after the couple moved back to the United States — all caught on film. Still, the police in Tucson were of little help — at first. So, the military man continued to gather evidence and pretend he was drinking the tainted drink.

In one of the videos, he can be heard saying, “You can smell it from here.” However, the charade continued until he showed more video proof to the Tucson police, who finally took the woman into custody. The airman believes his now-estranged spouse was trying to get his life insurance benefits prior to their divorce.

The suspect has been in custody at the Pima County Jail since her arrest. While the court initially set bail, Johnson was ultimately deemed a flight risk because of her familial connections in the Philippines.

For her crimes, she could spend up to four years in prison, but the prosecution is only recommending two with a few years of probation after her release. However, some reports say she could be released at her sentencing on May 10 for time served, as the minimum sentence is only four months.

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