White House Attacks House Republicans for Border Deal Standoff

(LibertySons.org) – The Biden administration has reportedly been attempting to secure funding from Congress for improved border security, but several House Republicans, including Speaker Mike Johnson (LA), have rejected the move. The White House is now attacking the opposition, claiming the Right is standing in the way of progress, while Johnson and others opposed to the deal say the standoff is in response to yet another ineffective proposal.

Biden has been in talks with the Senate over a new deal to “shut down the border,” according to Reuters, with the president promising to sign the legislation. He called it the “toughest and fairest set of reforms” the country has ever seen in its efforts to secure the country from illegal crossers. Conservative members have led the opposition against the proposal, with some stating that they want any spending on Ukraine to be dependent on border legislation. Johnson called the deal, as it currently stands, “dead on arrival.”

Former President Donald Trump allegedly spoke out against the deal as soon as news of it became public. POLITICO writes that his response led members of his ultra-conservative base to reject negotiations, with some fully admitting that they’re blocking forward movement solely for political reasons. Johnson denies accusations that he, too, is rejecting Biden’s proposal simply because Trump — who has not read the yet-unpublished text — is against it. The speaker insists he’s opposed to the deal because it doesn’t address enough of the issue.

Biden shared a statement on January 26, urging Congress to pass the deal, which has been in the works for the past two months. The president stated that the bill would make available 1,300 new border patrol agents, 375 new immigration judges, 1,600 asylum officers, and 100 machines that would detect fentanyl before it had a chance to hit US streets. The move would also give the president the power to shut down the border during overwhelming immigration surges.

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