WH Defends Decision Of Omitting Hunter From Flight Manifests

(LibertySons.org) – President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill spent the weekend of December 16 at their home in Delaware with family. When the president returned to Washington, DC, on Tuesday, December 19, ahead of funeral services for retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, his surviving son, Hunter, joined him on Marine One. However, the younger Biden’s name didn’t appear on the flight manifest supplied to reporters.

Fox Reporter Peter Doocy was on hand to meet Marine One when it touched down and reported the discrepancy. Fox White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich picked up the report and broadcast the fact in a live report, which the House Republicans posted on X, formerly Twitter. She questioned why the White House neglected to include the First Son on the manifest and mentioned he was at the White House just days after defying a Congressional subpoena and while facing federal charges that could earn him up to 19 years in prison.


Later Tuesday, during a White House Presser, CNBC White House Correspondent Emily Wilkins noted the White House lists aides and official guests on Marine One and Air Force One manifests. She asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre why the Whtie House didn’t also list family members like Hunter Biden and his toddler son Beau on flight manifests, especially when they use taxpayer dollars to travel for free.

Jean-Pierre mentioned the First Family had traveled to Delaware to observe a “somber anniversary.” Media sources had previously reported the Biden kin gathered to commemorate the anniversary of a 1972 car accident that claimed the lives of the president’s first wife, Nealia, and infant daughter, Naomi, and seriously injured sons, Beau and Hunter. The White House has expressed how deeply personal the annual observance remains for the family.

When Heinrich pressed Jean-Pierre with a follow-up question, asking whether the White House would announce Hunter Biden’s presence on Marine One or Air Force One going forward, the press secretary seemed confused. She answered, “That’s something that we’ve never done.” She indicated the Biden administration’s policies didn’t differ from other presidents’ regarding family members traveling with them.

Heinrich clarified she was asking because of the legal troubles Hunter Biden faces and the implications his situation might hold for the White House, especially if it appeared that family members were concealing him. She also asked why the president would think it appropriate to use tax dollars to transport his son anywhere while he remains under indictment and in defiance of a Congressional subpoena.

Jean-Pierre suggested that Heinrich consult with the First Son’s attorneys regarding his legal jeopardy. However, she pointed out how his parents love and support him and reminded reporters the family had just returned from observing a difficult and emotional anniversary together.

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