US Official Resigns Due to Biden’s Policies

( – Gaza’s Health Ministry reported that deaths in the region have exceeded 22,000 since October 7. The government office also said it had received reports of more than 57,000 injuries. At least one senior Biden official has found the numbers and the growing deaths unsupportable. In protest of the administration’s continued support while turning “a blind eye to” growing evidence of crimes against humanity, Tariq Habash, a student loan expert who has helped formulate policy at the Department of Education, stepped down.

Habash, a Palestinian-American who worked in the Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development office before his resignation, wrote his letter to Miguel Cardona, Biden’s Education Secretary. In it, he said he hoped his departure as a protest would give voice to “innocent Palestinian lives” lost to atrocities that some “human rights experts” characterize as a “genocidal campaign” on Israel’s part. He expressed his disappointment with the Biden administration’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict and its unquestioning support of Israel.

Habash doesn’t stand alone. The New York Post reported that 17 staffers associated with the Biden reelection campaign anonymously signed a letter on Medium urging the president to call for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and the release of hostages from both sides. Moreover, the concerned alumni staffers are asking the Commander-in-Chief to investigate Israel’s actions in Gaza to ensure the US is not violating the Leahy law, which prohibits funding foreign military powers implicated in committing gross human rights violations.

Josh Paul, a State Department official involved in transferring arms to US allies, was the first Biden administration official to resign based on administration policies regarding the Hamas conflict. He left in October. In November, more than 500 government employees signed an open letter to the President urging an immediate ceasefire.

The most recent casualty numbers represent a significant increase over the 11,000 deaths reported the week of November 17 when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CBS News that his Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) were doing everything they could to minimize casualties, although he characterized efforts as “ not successful.”

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