U.S. Destroys 10 Terrorist Drones

(LibertySons.org) – The US military just destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ground control station, along with 10 of the remote aircraft, inside Yemen. The move was part of a defensive effort to reduce Houthi attacks on US and allied assets. Officials believe the terrorists would have used the drones to take down Navy ships and merchant vessels attempting to move through the region.

The United States Central Command called the UAVs’ presence “an imminent threat” as hostile activity in the region has steadily increased, according to Daily Wire. Houthi militants attempted to take out a US Navy ship on January 30 using a cruise missile. The USS Gravely, while traveling through the Red Sea, nearly became another casualty. The missile came “within a mile” of the ship when defensive systems took out the threat. The ship was able to deploy its Phalanx Close-In Weapon System, which uses radar to guide a 20-millimeter weapon system and neutralize nearby attacks. The missile was likely only seconds from hitting the vessel when the defense system downed it.

The following evening, the USS Carney stopped a Houthi anti-ship missile. Forces also took out an additional two drones.

ABC News reports that US bases in Syria and Iraq have faced over 150 UAV and rocket strikes since mid-October. Officials believe Iranian-backed militias supportive of Palestinians under Israeli siege are behind the attacks.

Houthi terrorists have been implementing drone attacks for almost a decade, writes NBC News. The unmanned vehicles are relatively inexpensive, and the Yemen rebels are likely receiving funds from Iran to keep them in good supply. The terrorists reportedly use the vehicles as suicide bombers, crashing them into their targets, often with explosives attached for added damage. While the US believes Iran is behind many of the proxy groups responsible for the attacks, leaders have been hesitant to go directly after Tehran for fear of further escalating the war.

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