Two Men Convicted of Murder in 2002 Death of Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay

( – In 2002, multiple armed suspects walked into a music recording studio in Queens, New York, and shot Jam Master Jay in the head, killing him. Jay, born Jason Mizell, was an integral member of the ‘80s hip-hop trio Run DMC. His murder went unsolved for nearly two decades until 2000, when the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York revealed that two men were arrested for the slaying — Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr., his childhood friend and godson.

On February 27, CNN Entertainment reported that the two suspects were found guilty of murdering Jay. The killers now face 20 years to life behind bars for their crime. Eyewitness testimony from Tony Rincon, who was present during the murder, identified Washington and Jordan as the killers. He was also shot during the scuffle and was in disbelief about what he’d witnessed. Because he knew the suspects, he said the incident was “hard for [him] to grasp.”

When asked why he finally spoke up, Rincon said he wanted to give the families closure.

But the story of Jam Master Jay’s murder is not over. In May 2023, a third man was arrested in connection to his killing. Jay Bryant, who was already in custody for federal drug offenses, denied the accusation. According to the BBC, documents filed with the court allege that Bryant was seen going in and out of the recording studio at the time of the murder, and his DNA was reportedly on the scene. His trial will be in 2026.

Prosecutors in the case that just concluded said Jay was murdered because of a drug deal gone wrong. The attorneys said he was helping to arrange a cocaine deal involving Washington and Jordan. After a disagreement about the transaction, Jay was allegedly going to cut Washington out. That’s when the pair conspired to kill the musician. Assistant US Attorney Artie McConnell said the senseless killing was about “greed,” “money,” and “jealousy.”

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