Trump’s Startling Declaration on American Racism

( – Former President Donald Trump has faced allegations of racism for years. That screeching by leftists grew louder after he was elected POTUS. Ironically, the 45th president passed multiple laws to help black Americans and saw his support among that group grow. Recently, he declared how he really feels about race relations in the US.

Trump sat down with TIME Magazine’s Eric Cortellessa for an in-depth interview about his possible second term. The former president said that if he wins a second term, he will enact policies to address discrimination against white Americans.

The presumptive Republican nominee explained that he thinks President Joe Biden is “against anybody on certain views,” including Catholics. The 46th president is the second Catholic president in America’s history. Trump went on to say there’s a “definite anti-white feeling in this country, and that can’t be allowed either.” His remarks were in response to a question about what he thought about his supporters who think white people are discriminated against more than black people.

According to FBI data, black Americans suffered hate crimes at a rate three times higher than white Americans in 2022, the most recent year available. That year, there were 3,424 hate crimes against black people and 966 against white Americans.

Trump said it was going to be a tough issue to address but that America isn’t fair right now. He said that “there’s absolutely a bias against white” Americans, and it’s a “problem.”

During the former president’s first term, he directed the Department of Justice to investigate universities over claims that they were discriminating against white people by using affirmative action. He then nominated three conservative justices to the US Supreme Court, who later prohibited colleges from using affirmative action during the admissions process.

If Trump is elected to a second term, he intends to support legislation that targets diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies. He also said he would fine and tax colleges that he thinks are “too woke and will continue the GOP’s war against critical race theory.

Trump made it clear that he thinks the “laws are very unfair right now,” and he intends to change that.

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