Trump’s Overlooked Critical Moment

( – Former President Donald Trump has had at least a couple of pivotal turns during his campaign to return to the White House. One critical, overlooked moment was his treatment of the catastrophe that plagued Palestine, Ohio, in February 2023, after a train transporting multiple hazardous chemicals derailed and a related fire exposed nearby residents to toxic fumes.

The New York Post reports that Trump’s trip to the Ohio city seemed to mark his turn back upward in the polls. He already had a small lead over then-second-place contender Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the primaries, but the former president’s numbers began to take notable leaps after that time.

Trump took the opportunity, according to The Associated Press, to criticize the Biden administration for failing to act on the spill. He shared his belief that the current president had responded with “indifference and betrayal” to the Ohio people, insisting that the response would have been much more effective if he’d been in office instead.

The MAGA leader noted President Joe Biden hadn’t bothered to visit the affected people — choosing instead to make a trip to Ukraine and focus his efforts on foreign troubles. Trump donated bottled water branded with his name to residents potentially in need, along with cleaning supplies, and bought meals at a local McDonalds for first responders before he left.

The nightmare in Palestine, Ohio, began when over three dozen freight cars derailed and crashed along the side of the tracks. They left a massive trail of overturned and damaged units, 11 of which were holding hazardous chemicals.

The smoke from burning chemicals left residents complaining of headaches, sick and dying pets, and the deaths of fish and other local wildlife. One of the chemicals, vinyl chloride, may increase some cancer risks.

FiveThirtyEight indicates that Trump currently has a massive lead over his only remaining Republican opponent, Nikki Haley, making his victory in the primaries all but inevitable.

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