Trump’s Fundraiser Breaks Records, Raking in $50 Million

( – In late March, President Joe Biden hosted a 5,000-seat, sold-out fundraiser with former President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The trio reportedly raised a record-breaking $26 million at the event. Former President Donald Trump’s campaign claims they broke that record just weeks later.

On April 6, billionaire John Paulson hosted a fundraiser for Trump and the Republican Party in Palm Beach at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate. It was the first high-dollar fundraiser event for the campaign and GOP.

Organizers claimed they raised $50.5 million. Although the FEC filing has not yet substantiated that amount. If the claim is true, it would be significant because both the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Trump have had trouble raising money this time around. They have not been able to raise money together until now because Trump was not the presumptive nominee. The campaign and RNC entered April with a combined $100 million, compared to Biden and the Democratic National Committee’s $190 million.

Trump gave a 45-minute speech at the event. He talked to them about border security, tax cuts, protecting Israel, and getting rid of Biden’s energy policies. After the speech, the guests ate dinner together, and then Trump gave another speech. Approximately 100 people were reportedly at the event, including Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Vivek Ramaswamy, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Whatley, and co-chair Lara Trump. They were introduced by Trump, and he asked them to speak.

One attendee told ABC News that Ramaswamy and Lara Trump “were the most inspiring” aside from the former president. The attendee said the former president sounded the best he ever had, calling him “Focused. Strong. Kind regarding others.” They also said people were angry with Biden for calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. The president has been more vocal since the targeted attack on humanitarian workers that killed an American. The attendee said many others were talking about Biden’s stance on Israel.

Danielle Alvarez, a campaign spokesperson, said three Democratic presidents raised $25 million, but only “one president to raise over $50 million, Donald J. Trump.”

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