Trump Says Ukraine’s Well-being Is Crucial to the US

( – On Saturday, April 20, the US House passed a controversial foreign aid package worth $95 billion. This total includes $8 billion for Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific region and $26 billion for Israel. However, the largest chunk, $61 billion, is earmarked for Ukraine to boost its ability to defend itself from Russian invaders. In the days leading up to the vote, former President Donald Trump took to social media to give his opinion on the embattled country.

Through a post on Truth on April 18, Trump took the opportunity to tell his followers that Ukraine was important to the US. But this wasn’t the main focus of the post. Instead, he used the platform to complain about the lack of support for Ukraine coming from Europe.

He points out that the fall of the country should be MORE important to European countries than it is to us since we have an entire ocean between us. He posted that everyone agreed that “Ukrainian Survival and Strength should be much more important to Europe” than to the US. “GET MOVING EUROPE!” he concluded.

To drive his point home, Trump pointed to the fact that the US has spent $100 billion MORE than European countries combined to support Ukraine. To change that fact, he’s calling on NATO countries to increase their defense spending from 2% of their country’s GDP to 3%.

The post stopped short of endorsing or condemning the most recent aid package, but it didn’t have solid Republican support. A total of 112 GOP House members voted against it, while 101 of them joined all of the Democrats in voting for the measure. Many of those opposing the measure were from the hard right wing of the party, which is typical of supporters of the former POTUS.

Trump closed out his post by blaming the Russo-Ukraine conflicts on “Crooked Joe Biden and the Incompetent Democrats,” claiming that if he were still in office, Putin would not have moved against Ukraine. While we will never know if that’s true, since he was the first president in modern history not to involve the US in any major fighting, he just might be right.

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