Trump Rages at Supreme Court Giving Smith What He Wanted

( – Special Counsel Jack Smith submitted a petition for a writ of certiorari before the Supreme Court on December 11. He asked the High Court to expedite a decision on two questions that could determine the course of criminal prosecutions against former President Donald Trump. Later Monday, Justices signaled they would prioritize whether to hear the case, ordering the former president’s legal team to respond to Smith’s motion by December 20. Trump and his team raged over the SCOTUS indulging the special counsel.

Liz Harrington, a spokesperson for the former president and his campaign, posted his response on X, formerly Twitter. A Trump spokesperson said Smith, the Biden administration’s “henchman,” remained so obsessed with preventing him from retaking office that he attempted a “Hail Mary” with the Supreme Court. The spokesperson concluded that the only explanation for rushing “this sham to trial” was “to injure President Trump and […] his supporters.”

The former president’s legal team had previously filed a motion with Judge Tanya Chutkin to dismiss Smith’s case against their client, claiming Trump enjoyed immunity as President when the alleged events occurred. The team has also argued the charges their client faces constitute double jeopardy because the House impeached him, but the Senate voted to acquit.

On December 1, Chutkin denied their motions, holding that former presidents don’t maintain immunity for life and holding office doesn’t confer a “get-out-of-jail-free pass.” She also found that a Senate acquittal dealt with political and not criminal aspects.

Team Trump appealed Chutkin’s decision on December 7 with the US District Court of Appeals. Although Smith answered the appeal, he “leapfrogged” his writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court when the defense team signaled they hoped to delay the appellate process into late March or beyond.

On Wednesday, December 13, Trump attorneys filed opposition to the prosecution’s motion for an expedited appellate review at the District Appeals Court level. They complained the prosecution’s proposed schedule would force lawyers and staff to work through the holidays and cancel travel plans with family, calling Smith “the Grinch,” referring to a Dr. Suess character who plotted to steal Christmas from the town of Whoville.

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