Trump Official Critically Injured by Shooting in DC

( – According to Axios DC, carjackings in the nation’s capital nearly doubled between 2022 and 2023, rising from 485 to a whopping 959. Federal prosecutors and police have been trying to crack down on the problem, breaking up alleged armed carjacking rings in both Washington, DC, and Maryland at the end of 2023. In a recent incident, one person died, and the other is hanging onto life.

On January 30, The Daily Wire reported that Donald Trump’s former chief operating officer of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Mike Gill, was picking up his wife in DC the night before when he was attacked while sitting in his car. The suspect reportedly approached Gill’s vehicle while it was parked on the 900 block of K Street Northwest, got inside, and shot the former COO in the head. The suspect then took off.

Gill reportedly tried to exit the car and was mostly lying next to the vehicle when his wife emerged from the building. According to a witness, Mrs.Gill ran to her husband and asked him what happened, but he wasn’t able to answer. Mr. Gill was then rushed to the hospital and is currently in critical condition.

At that point, the carjacker was still on the loose, moving on to other cars as he traveled from DC toward Maryland. The Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch asked for the public’s help in locating the suspect. In total, four police departments were working together to bring down the assailant. About an hour after Gill was shot, the perpetrator reportedly tried to carjack another car in DC before moving onto a third. That attempt was successful but deadly. The suspect shot and killed a man before driving away. Police believe the man abandoned that vehicle and carjacked two more before using his latest get for a drive-by shooting.

Police finally killed the suspect who approached them armed in Prince George’s County, Maryland. There have been no new updates about Gill’s condition.

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