Trump Gets Off Easy as Court Throws Out Some Charges in Election Interference Case

( – Former President Donald Trump and allies celebrated a small victory after an Atlanta judge threw out some of the charges in the Georgia election interference case against him. The court tossed six counts in total — three of which directly affected the 45th commander-in-chief. Trump now faces 10 instead of 13 charges in the case, which the prosecution is still pursuing under the RICO Act.

Judge Scott McAfee, who presides over the Fulton Superior Court, stated the prosecution’s language in describing some of the alleged crimes lacked “sufficient detail.” He said that the vagueness of the charges left too much open to interpretation and made it impossible for the defense to prepare a reasonable game plan.

The defendants could have broken laws in numerous different ways, the judge argues, but without specifics spelling out each of them to the letter, there’s no way to legally pursue the related counts against them.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe recently spoke with Fox News’ Dana Bash on “America’s Newsroom,” where he explained that the indictment didn’t give any examples to back claims that the defendants broke their Constitutional oaths. The former intelligence director said the decision backs the argument that the special prosecutor was too inexperienced to try a case of this magnitude. The prosecution could still re-introduce the charges in hopes of making them stick, but the district attorney’s office hasn’t indicated whether it would attempt to do so.

The rest of the indictment has remained intact, leaving 19 co-defendants facing a collective 36 criminal counts in the case. So far, four individuals have pleaded guilty. The charges against them include racketeering, which prosecutors are pursuing under the RICO Act. The move places additional sanctions against the defendants for allegedly participating in organized crime activities.

A grand jury indicted Trump and 18 co-conspirators on August 14, 2023. They stand accused of trying to overturn the will of American voters and interfering with the 2020 presidential election results.

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