Trump Falsely Claims Biden Authorized FBI Assassination Plot

( – Donald Trump has accused Joe Biden of orchestrating the criminal indictments filed against him by federal prosecutors in Washington DC and Florida and district attorneys in Manhattan and Fulton County, Georgia. The former president recently upped the ante by falsely claiming the president authorized an FBI plot to assassinate him.

On May 21, Trump posted a statement detailing the accusation on his Truth Social account. The former president wrote that he saw reports that officials from “Crooked Joe Biden’s” Justice Department “authorized the FBI to use deadly (lethal) force” during their “illegal and unconstitutional raid” of his Mar-a-Lago residence in 2022.

Several media outlets reported that the Trump campaign sent an email that day, making the same claim. The request for donations included the following all-caps subject line: “Breaking from Trump: Biden’s DOJ was authorized to shoot me!”

The accompanying message accused federal officers of “itching to do the unthinkable.” It also claimed “Biden was locked and loaded” and ready to take out the former president and put his family in harm’s way.

News reports indicated that Trump based his claims on a memo he recently received accompanying the FBI’s August 2022 search warrant. The warrant included a passage limiting the use of force to instances when law enforcement officials have a “reasonable belief” that a subject “poses an imminent danger of death or serious physical injury” to officials “or another person.”

The FBI quickly issued a press release to media outlets addressing Trump’s accusation. The statement noted that the agency “followed standard protocol” while conducting its search of Mar-a-Lago, including the issuance of a “standard policy statement limiting the use of deadly force.” The notice also noted that “no one ordered additional steps” with the paperwork accompanying the search warrant.

On May 23, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a similar statement. He confirmed that the agency included the memo as part of the FBI’s “standard operations plan for searches” and that it was used “in the consensual search of President Joe Biden’s home.”

Garland’s statement characterized Trump’s accusation as “false and extremely dangerous.” The following day, DOJ prosecutors overseeing the former president’s Florida case filed a motion asking the court to issue a limited gag order barring Trump from continuing to repeat his false claim.

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