Trump Suggests RFK Jr Will Provide a Great Service By Stealing Votes from Biden

( – Most Americans currently plan to vote for former President Donald Trump or current President Joe Biden in November, but Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr. could gain enough support to tip the final balance. Trump suggests the third-party candidate, who is fighting to get his name on all 50 state ballots, will be of “great service” to the country.

The statement appeared in a March 26 Truth Social post, likely responding to Kennedy’s announcement that wealthy entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan agreed to be his running mate. The MAGA leader slammed Kennedy for becoming the race’s “most radical” liberal, adding that Shanahan stood even further left than he did. Trump noted the third-party candidate’s difficulties getting on the ballots and implied that indictments would probably crop up against the rising opponent and his vice-presidential pick “any day now.”

Trump insisted that Kennedy’s growing presence was good for the Right, claiming the independent ticket is Biden’s competition, not his. He might be right. The Hill recently collected the results from over 100 polls and found that as of March 27, the MAGA leader had a 2.1% lead over the president. Kennedy currently has an estimated 8.8% of the population’s votes.

Kennedy is currently pulling support roughly the same from both sides of the political pond, but his choice to team up with Shanahan could change that dynamic. A mother, former Democrat, and someone who claims to have survived sickness and poverty, the new running mate could especially appeal to struggling young women and single moms. Just as notable is the fact that the progressive entrepreneur is super wealthy and rubs elbows with multiple mega-donors.

Democrats have been vocal about the threat Kennedy could pose, pegging him as an “anti-science” conspiracy theorist. Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA) recently went so far as to accuse the independent candidate of running a “spoiler campaign” designed specifically to get Donald Trump back in office.

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