Trump Calls for Death Penalty for Cop Killers

( – In March, New York City Police Department (NYPD) Officer Jonathan Diller was slain after he and his partner asked occupants of an illegally parked vehicle to move. One of the passengers pulled a gun and shot at the officers, striking Diller underneath his bulletproof vest. He was rushed to the hospital but didn’t survive the attack. Now, former President Donald Trump is calling for the death penalty for all cop killers in the US.

On April 4, the presumptive GOP presidential candidate declared he would sign an executive order mandating capital punishment for those convicted of killing a police officer if he wins in November.

Trump was speaking at a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he said the move would send a “strong statement “ to America and the world that the US will kill anyone who murders a cop. His words were met with a standing ovation from the crowd. However, this isn’t the first time Trump has made the same claim.

In 2015, he made the same promise but didn’t deliver during his stint in the White House. In 2018 and 2020, Trump made similar declarations supporting the death penalty for cop killers. However, it’s unclear if such a measure would be legal, and Trump didn’t elaborate on his promise.

Nearly half the states in America have laws against the measure, while a little more than half and the federal government allows such punishment. New York, where Diller was murdered, does not impose the death penalty.

Still, former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik agreed with Trump’s call for mandating capital punishment for those who kill police officers. He said cops “put their lives on the line” every time they go to work. Kerik blamed lenient New York laws for Diller’s death, criticizing state leaders for not holding criminals accountable enough for their actions.

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