Trump Blames Biden for Migrant Shooting Two Officers

( – Illegal immigration is going to be a hot-button issue in the coming presidential election when President Joe Biden will presumably face off against former President Donald Trump in a rematch of the 2020 contest. The opponents will certainly battle fiercely for a second term in the Oval Office and won’t be pulling any punches in their rhetoric. A recent event in New York City involving police officers and a migrant has just given Trump some new ammunition.

In the early morning hours of Monday, June 3, two NYPD officers attempted to stop a man suspected of robbery who was going the wrong way down a one-way street on a moped. They were both shot, as was the alleged shooter. All are expected to survive.

The 19-year-old shooter was suspected of being involved in a series of robberies in Queens. Bernardo Raul Castro Mato is a migrant from Venezuela who came to the US in 2023, crossing in from Mexico at Eagle Pass, Texas. He reportedly resides at a taxpayer-funded hotel for migrants in the area.

Trump took to his Truth Social account later that day to blame the incident on Biden and his lax border policies. The post claims that “Crooked Joe Biden has trafficked in the worst people from around the world, many with heinous criminal records, and unleashed them into our communities.”

Trump also took the opportunity to chastise District Attorney Alvin Bragg, saying that instead of spending time on a “witch-hunt of yours truly,” he should worry about keeping New York safe.

With the election just five months away, both candidates will undoubtedly focus on issues important to Americans — and immigration is certainly one of them. According to Pew Research, 77% of those surveyed think the situation at the Southern border is either a crisis or a major problem.

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