Trump, Biden Unsure About Debates?

( – The presidential primary elections are far from over, but both sides of the political aisle appear to have their chosen presumptive nominees. Talks about debates have returned to the forefront, but President Joe Biden may be feeling reluctant about agreeing to a definite date. Former President Donald Trump, on the other hand, recently indicated that he wants to face off with his opponent as soon as possible.

Trump shared his thoughts on March 11 in a Truth Social post. He said he wanted to “get down to the serious business” of taking on his biggest foe. He said the country was failing, adding that a debate was vital to ensuring every American was able to make informed decisions at the polls. Dubbing himself “Honest Don” and his opponent “Crooked Joe,” the MAGA leader insisted that the two stop waiting to face off once again, adding that he would show up regardless of the venue or time.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has three dates set, but the first isn’t slated to begin until the middle of September. President Joe Biden hasn‘t committed to any of the dates yet, reportedly taking some time to consider his options. The Hill reports that his final decision will be dependent on his opponent’s “behavior.” His campaign reportedly wrote off Trump’s demands for an immediate debate as more grabs for attention. The push to jump onstage is a full about-face on the former president’s refusal to debate his fellow Republicans in the GOP primaries.

The 2020 debates between Trump and Biden were messy and often fell into disorder. The MAGA leader repeatedly interrupted his liberal competitor during their first match. Moderators muted opposing microphones when each spoke in the following event, leading Trump to accuse them of being biased against him.

Trump is likely hoping to use 2024 as an opportunity to corner Biden into another major televised gaffe or similar show of weakness.

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