Trump Ally Nabbed for Leaking Documents

( – After the November 2020 presidential election, election fraud claims swept the nation. However, the courts found that the US election was the most secure in the nation’s history. Still, allegations persist, and Dominion, the company that supplied the voting machines, sued several parties for defamation. Recently, one of the defendants’ attorneys was arrested for a separate yet related, criminal case.

On March 18, Attorney Stephanie Lambert was arrested by US Marshals after leaving a court hearing regarding her client in the Dominion v. Patrick Byrne case. She was reportedly in court defending herself against an accusation from Dominion.

The company claimed Lambert unlawfully released confidential discovery in the Byrne case and requested that she be thrown off the case. The filing stated the lawyer signed an agreement prior to taking the case that she would only abide by a protective order when using discovery material. However, that’s not why she was nabbed.

Lambert’s arrest was connected to a separate criminal case in Michigan. She failed to appear at multiple hearings related to an indictment against her for allegedly tampering with voting machines in the state after the 2020 election. The court put a warrant out for her arrest, and she was picked up in Washington, DC.

The next day, DC Superior Court Magistrate Judge Heide Herrmann released Lambert on bond as long as she promised to quickly turn herself in to Michigan police. If she doesn’t comply, she will have to pay the $10,000 bond. Her attorney, Kevin Irving, stated he didn’t think she was “running away” but noted some “confusion” that led to her no-shows in court. He assured that Lambert intended to immediately head to Michigan after her release.

Michigan-based Special Prosecutor DJ Hilson said the court “encourage[s]” her to “satisfy the bench warrant” and “turn herself in as soon as possible.”

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