Trump Agrees to Address the Libertarian Party

( – The US is generally considered a two-party political system due to the overwhelming numbers put up by the Democratic and Republican parties. In reality, however, there are others out there with their own beliefs and ideals. The Green Party, for example, has four pillars in its platform; peace, ecology, social justice, and democracy. The Libertarian Party platform is built on the belief that “all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives.” This party has similar ideologies to the GOP, and it’s these voters former President Donald Trump is looking to court.

On May 1, the Libertarian Party announced that Trump would speak on-stage at their national convention at the end of the month. He will address topics chosen through a poll of registered members and attendees, so he’s sure to hit the hot-button issues that are important to Libertarians. This is the first time a current or former president has spoken to the group.

A post on the Libertarian Party website included a response from Trump to the announcement. He first said he was looking forward to speaking at the event that would be “attended by many of my great friends.” The former president also called for Republicans and Libertarians to join together “to defeat the Worst President in the History of the United States, BY FAR, Crooked Joe Biden,” adding that if they do, “the election won’t even be close.”

While the convention will also decide on the party’s presidential candidate, the reality is that person doesn’t have a chance against the powerhouse GOP and Democrat contenders. Trump knows this too, so getting a chance to address their concerns is a chance Libertarians will vote for him come November.

The Libertarian Party convention is scheduled for May 23-26 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC. Trump will appear on the 25th. This year’s theme is Become Ungovernable.

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