Tim Scott Seeks Trump’s VP Spot to Attract Black Voters

(LibertySons.org) – In 2012, former Senator James DeMint (R-SC) resigned before the end of his term, leaving it up to then-Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) to fill his seat. She chose to appoint Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) to the position, and the people of The Palmetto State elected him to stay in the 2016 and 2022 elections. Now, he aims to help former President Donald Trump win reelection in November.

The former president lags far behind President Joe Biden in the Black voting demographic, and Scott is taking the initiative to close that gap. He sits as the only Black Republican in the Senate and believes more people in the Black community are curious about joining the GOP — or at least supporting the former president. He wants to reach those folks. The South Carolina lawmaker said he does really well in Republican areas of his state and even does well in Democratic areas, making him well-suited to reach voters with a similar mindset.

Scott plans to use $14.3 million out of his Great Opportunity PAC’s travel and advertising budget to try and sway non-white voters away from Biden and over to Trump. While the senator admits “there is no way to fill the hole,” shifting just some of the demographic in swing states could make all the difference in the upcoming presidential election. He believes Black men, in particular, are “wide open for a political shift.” Most of the money, $9 million, will go toward voter contact, nearly $5 million will be used for earned and paid media, and the rest will be spent on research, data, operations, and legal expenses.

Pew Research’s latest poll from April showed Trump only capturing 18% of the vote, making Scott’s task an uphill climb. On the other hand, Biden is polling at 77% support from the Black community. The Biden campaign is also targeting the demographic in a recent push to increase that percentage.

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