The FBI Targets Trump Followers

( – Some Trump followers might be on an FBI watch list, although the agency insists it’s not doing anything to violate their First Amendment rights. The subject of domestic terrorism has become a sore spot for many Americans, especially those who believe the government has become weaponized in an effort to crumble the Right. Meanwhile, federal officials have altered their definition of domestic terrorism to include people using violence to promote “political and/or social agendas.”

Newsweek had the exclusive scoop on the story, having secured information and interviews from sources that wished to remain anonymous. It quoted an official who called the FBI’s current problem “impossible,” stating agents truly believe the threat of another J6 is possible, and they want to be ahead of any similar violence if plans do happen to be in the works. On the same token, they want to respect the First Amendment rights of regular Americans who might simply be voicing their frustrations without any intentions of acting on them.

With the political divide greater than ever and primary elections around the corner, fears are reportedly looming that some people might start resorting to violence to express their differences over former President Donald Trump. The MAGA leader has never taken back his assertions that Democrats stole the 2020 election from him, which could leave questions in the minds of his followers as to whether the upcoming votes will be fair as well. The Associated Press adds that there’s been speculation Trump’s followers could respond violently to any further indictments or court rulings as they progress.

Much of the divide over Trump stems from the question of whether or not he’s truly guilty of the crimes he’s been accused of committing. And regardless of where a person stands on the issues, freedom of speech is a real right, one the government has no right to scrutinize. According to Newsweek, FBI agents agree, noting they don’t investigate people based on their beliefs alone. And yet its load of domestic terrorism cases has reportedly doubled since 2020, leaving even more questions about the extent of the agency’s investigations.

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