Texas Attributes Increase in Migrant Deaths in Rio Grande to Biden Administration

(LibertySons.org) – President Joe Biden and Texas have been at war for nearly his entire first term. The Department of Justice recently filed a petition with the US Supreme Court after Texas blocked Border Patrol from areas of the border. Three migrant deaths intensified the fight.

On Friday, January 12, the DOJ asked the SCOTUS to stop Texas from blocking Border Patrol agents from accessing the border. According to the filing, agents are no longer able to view or access a nearly 50-acre public park in Eagle Pass. The area was a cross point for thousands of migrants last year. Border Patrol also often used the park’s boat ramp as a launching point for its boats so agents could patrol the Rio Grande River.

Texas closed public access to the park as part of its Operation Loan Star program. That is an effort by Governor Greg Abbott (R) to take control of his state’s frontier with Mexico after accusing Biden of failing to secure the border. The governor expressed anger over federal agents processing migrants in the park who entered illegally and putting them on buses. The Associated Press reported Abbott said, “We are not allowing Border Patrol on that property anymore.” He said Texas officials have “had it.”

Tensions increased later that night when a woman and two children drowned in the river by the park. On Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) accused Texas of “physically” denying federal agents access to the park when they were trying to save the migrants. The agents were responding to a distress call from Mexico when they were prohibited from accessing the park. DHS accused the state of a “blatant disregard for federal authority over immigration” laws and enforcement and also called Abbott’s policies “cruel, dangerous, and inhumane.”

US Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) previously made similar allegations, saying the Texas National Guard and Texas Military Department refused to grant access to Border Patrol agents. The Texas Military Department responded, saying it received a call but didn’t see anyone in distress.

Mexican authorities recovered the bodies of the two children and a woman.

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