Teen Gunman Outside Middle School Killed by Police

(LibertySons.org) – The Gun Violence Archive tracks shootings across the United States. As of May 2, the number of mass shootings has hit 135 incidents, and the number of people killed at the hands of guns topped 5,400. In total, 393 teens have been killed by guns so far in 2024, including a potential 14-year-old gunman in Wisconsin who was taken down by police.

On May 1, police in Mount Horeb responded to a call about a possible shooter at a local middle school. When they arrived, they found a 14-year-old boy with what reports say was a long gun outside Mount Horeb Middle School.

While it’s unclear if the boy fired upon police or not, multiple members of the force shot at the teen — killing him. When the firefight started, kids in the area scattered, fearing for their lives. Luckily, nobody but the suspect was hurt in the exchange.

The district shut down the schools in the area as the events played out, and the subsequent investigation ensued. The potential shooter has not been publicly identified, but it was confirmed that he was a student at the middle school. The FBI was also present to assist the local departments during the investigation, which will likely include viewing police body cam footage to get the whole picture of what transpired.

A nearby business owner, Jeanne Keller, said she heard the shot, and at first, she thought they were “fireworks.” But then she saw about “200 children” running and knew something else was going on. Keller reported that she heard about five shots in all.

A 12-year-old student said his teacher told his class to run, so he went to a gas station bathroom and hid. The boy’s mom, Alison Kelly, said she doesn’t “think anywhere is safe anymore.”

A joint statement from the district and the state’s governor praised first responders for their swift response.

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