Squatters Arrested Following Discovery of Deceased Woman in Bag

(LibertySons.org) – There have been multiple cases of squatters moving into people’s vacant homes. That’s what allegedly happened in New York City recently. Now, the illegal occupants are accused of murdering the homeowner’s daughter.

On March 21, police revealed that Nadia Vitel, 52, had returned to NYC from Spain the week before and went to her late mother’s apartment on East 31st Street to prepare the residence for her move into it.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny told the media that law enforcement believes that when she entered the home, she encountered two squatters who had taken up residence. The suspects allegedly attacked her, beating her to death. She suffered blunt force trauma to her head that resulted in a brain bleed, facial fractures, and two broken ribs. The squatters are accused of shoving her body into a duffel bag.

After the murder, the suspects reportedly fled the scene in Vitel’s SUV. They were captured on surveillance video. On March 14, Superintendent Jean Pompee allowed the victim’s family into the apartment after they became concerned when they weren’t able to reach her. Pompeii told CBS News that one of the family members pointed to a closet and said he thought a bag contained a body.

On March 22, US Marshals captured a 19-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman in Pennsylvania, about 180 miles away. Law enforcement has not released the identities of the suspects as of this writing.

Pompee said that he never knew someone was staying in the apartment. It had been vacant for months.

Michael Medvedev, the victim’s son, said his mother was really excited to move to NYC. “She was so beautiful. So smart. So selfless. She was so witty, so clever, so resourceful,” he described his mom. He mourned his loss, saying his mom was always there for him and always reliable.

In NY, squatters are considered tenants after 30 days in a unit. Assemblyman Jake Blumencranz has sponsored a bill to weaken squatters’ rights in the state, saying that there’s currently almost “no recourse for when someone is gaming the system” and basically stealing someone’s property. Florida is also trying to end squatters’ rights.

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