Son Detained for Sharing Gruesome Video with Father’s Head

( – QAnon believers embrace a wide array of conspiracy theories pushing extreme falsehoods that have caused some to commit crimes. A national terrorism bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security in 2022 stated the US is still in a heightened threat environment from domestic actors prone to violence based on extreme ideologies. One such person was recently apprehended by police in Pennsylvania.

On January 30, Fox 29 reported that police in Middletown Township responded to reports of a death at a local home. Once there, authorities discovered a beheaded man, Michael Mohn, in an upstairs bedroom. Investigations into the gruesome death led police to the victim’s son, 33-year-old Justin Mohn, who allegedly made YouTube videos holding his father’s head.

Authorities found the suspect about two hours away from the scene and arrested him. A reporter from the outlet spoke to Middletown Police Captain Pete Feeney, who said there were a “few incidents” on record at the home, but “nothing of a violent nature.”

According to the New York Post, who reviewed the 14-minute YouTube video, Mohn held up his father’s head in a bloody plastic bag, claiming the body part belonged to his dad — a “federal employee of over 20 years.” The suspect called his father a “traitor” before spewing a bunch of QAnon conspiracy theories and calling for other believers to pull together and kill federal personnel “on site.”

Mohn’s rant included complaints about the Biden administration, Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ+ community, the “far-left woke mob,” and migrants. The federal employees he was calling for execution included FBI agents, IRS workers, US Marshals, border control personnel, and federal judges.

Phillyburbs reported that court documents show the suspect used a machete and kitchen knife to allegedly behead his own father. Police found the head in a pot wrapped in plastic. Mohn was charged with possession of an instrument of crime, abuse of a corpse, and murder. Reports say he is not cooperating with police.

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