Schwarzenegger Criticizes Democrats Over American City Concerns

( – Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been out of politics in an official capacity for over a decade, but he’s remained involved on a private sector level. He recently met with long-time friend Rob Lowe on the entertainer’s podcast, where the two discussed numerous topics ranging from cigars and exotic animals to the country’s political divide. The 75-year-old California Republican’s mood turned sour when the host asked him about his thoughts on Democrats. He insisted they want to “ruin your cities.”

Hypocrisy and Corruption

Schwarzenegger recalled learning about the two presidential candidates when he first immigrated to the United States — Richard Nixon (R) and Hubert Humphrey (D) — and described the bad impression the Democrat left on the former Austrian. He explained that Humphrey reminded him too much of the socialist politicians his family had just fled.

The Left insisted that more government intervention was the solution, Schwarzenegger said, and yet he’s watched for change over the past 55 years, seeing nothing. He says politicians have been talking about immigration reform for decades, but the problem has only gotten worse. The “Governator” also pointed to the hypocrisy in chastising Americans for living beyond their means, maxing out their credit cards, and complaining about being unable to afford student loan payments when the country is suffering from similar problems — only on a far more massive scale.

Fixing a Broken System

Our problems may be mounting, but Schwarzenegger insists Americans themselves can’t be the problem because “the private sector is… booming.” And Democrats aren’t solely to blame for our current financial state, he admits, noting that former President Bill Clinton had taken the country’s deficit to zero — and both parties helped to dig the current $36 trillion hole.

We can only fix this broken system if we take a united front, the former governor finally concedes. Schwarzenegger says that the ever-growing vilification of political opponents needs to end if lawmakers are going to get anywhere. They need to find a way to get past their differences and work together “like a sports team.”

Schwarzenegger served as California’s governor from November 2003 to January 2011, beginning his first term after the recall of Gov. Grey Davis. Prior to that, from 1990 to 1993, he was on President George HW Bush’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and also served as Chairman of the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. He was already a household name by then, having risen to fame as an actor in several movie franchises, with his most notable role being the title character in “The Terminator.”

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