Rubio Calls Biden’s Border Order a ‘Joke’

( – Republicans begged President Joe Biden to close down the border for years. The POTUS insisted he didn’t have the authority to do so. He recently issued an executive order to do just that and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is not impressed.

On June 4, Biden issued an executive order to close the border when the seven-day daily average of border crossings is more than 2,500 between ports of entry. The change was issued under the Immigration and Nationality Act. The order also allows immigration officials to deny asylum to migrants who cross the border without authorization.

During periods when officials close the border, asylum seekers will also not be allowed to enter the country. Border officials will also work to expel those who crossed between ports of entry quickly.

Rubio responded to the executive order in a post on X, formerly Twitter, and said, “Biden’s new border ‘plan’ is a joke.”

The senator explained that even if the president enforces the border policy, which he doesn’t think that Biden will, “it would still allow close to a million people” to cross into the country annually. Rubio stated that’s “ON TOP OF the 10 million” who have allegedly entered throughout the Biden administration.

Former President Donald Trump also criticized the president for the policy. He said Biden had “surrendered [America’s] southern border, and now he is “pretending to finally do something.” Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) called the order a “Band-Aid” and said it wouldn’t do much to stop border crossings. He accused the president of posturing instead of doing “anything meaningful to secure our southern border.”

Republicans weren’t the only ones criticizing Biden. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) said he was “skeptical” about the executive order. The senator doesn’t believe it would withstand legal challenges. Rep. Nanette Barragán (D-CA) said he was “disappointed” with the “direction that the president has decided to take.”

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