Ronna McDaniel Likely to Quit Shortly

( – In December 2016, former President Donald Trump (R) chose Senator Mitt Romney’s (R-UT) niece, Ronna McDaniel, to lead the Republican National Committee (RNC) in 2017. She was re-elected in 2019, 2021, and 2023. But her time heading up the committee might be coming to an end at the behest of the very person who recommended her in the first place.

On February 6, Fox News reported that McDaniel is set to leave her position after the South Carolina primaries later in the month. However, the RNC chair denied the assertion. Still, Trump recently sat for an interview with Newsmax, telling the host that McDaniel “understands” it’s time to resign her post.

The former president also told Fox News there would “probably be some changes” at the RNC when asked how the chair was doing at her job. On Truth Social, the former president said he’d be “making a decision” about who would head up the RNC “after the SC primary as to [his recommendations for RNC Growth.”

Trump was reportedly unhappy that McDaniel held Republican debates, which he chose to skip. There have also been some concerns about her ability to raise money for the party, a shortcoming the GOP can’t afford. According to The New York Times, the former US leader has his eye on someone else for the position — North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley.

However, the party has to elect a new chair if McDaniel steps down. Trump is powerless to simply install someone into that position. Apparently, the former president likes Whatley for the job because he’s a “stop the steal guy.”

A spokesperson for the RNC, Keith Schipper, said people gleaning McDaniels’ departure from her position based on Trump’s Truth Social post about the future of the committee was “speculation.” He said, “Nothing has changed.” However, he added that decisions would be made after the SC primaries — as suspected.

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