Republicans Criticize Biden, Accuse Him of Trying to Buy Young Votes with Student Loan Plan

( – President Biden is pushing ahead with plans to write off massive amounts of student debt –- and saddle taxpayers with a bill for billions of dollars. Now Republicans are accusing him of playing politics, using vast sums of money to bribe young Americans into voting for him in November. As red states fight a legal battle to stop Biden’s giveaway, legislators are slamming the president for ignoring previous Supreme Court blocks on his plans.

Biden Plans New Loan Giveaway

On April 8, the Biden administration revealed its latest plans to get around a Supreme Court decision that blocked the president’s plans to write off $400 billion of unpaid student debt and transfer the burden to taxpayers. So far this year, he’s canceled $146 billion by changing the terms of various loan plans. Now, he wants to wipe out up to $20,000 in debt each for tens of millions of borrowers. GOP lawmakers are outraged. Senator Tom Cotton (R-TX) took to X (formerly Twitter) to accuse the president of “shamelessly raiding the treasury” and leaving taxpayers with billions more in debt. He added that Biden is “using your money to buy votes.”

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) joined the criticism, saying Biden is “bribing young voters” when he should be “equipping Americans to know the true cost of college.” She slammed the president for his chaotic rollout of the latest update to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which has left many college hopefuls in her own state struggling because their families’ farms disqualify them from assistance, and said that instead of fixing that mess Biden was resurrecting his “zombie” loan bailout.

Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) pointed out that Biden’s original attempt to forgive student debt was struck down by the Supreme Court, which ruled that he’d exceeded his powers, and 29 red states are now suing the government over his other attempts. He said the president is hoping the Supreme Court won’t have time to block this latest move before the election, adding that Biden is trying to fool voters with “‘free stuff’ he can’t deliver on.”

Eric Hovde, a GOP candidate for one of Wisconsin’s Senate seats, blasted the administration for letting graduates off with the cost of their college education. He said it’s unfair that people who didn’t go to college should pay the debts of those who did. Meanwhile, Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC), the chair of the House Education Committee, warned that Biden’s plans could even make college more expensive for future students. Biden is determined to push on with his enormous tax-funded loan giveaway, but it could come at a very high cost for this country.

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