Republicans Abandon Trump in Key Swing State Primary

( – No one denies that former President Donald Trump is the Republican party’s de facto candidate for this year’s election. He’s won all the primaries so far except for Vermont, and in handsome fashion. However, many believe his results and polling numbers are not where they should be if he wants to unseat President Joe Biden come November.

The latest example of this can be seen in the Pennsylvania primary held on Tuesday, April 23. While he did garner 83.4% of the votes, former candidate Nikki Haley managed to snag the other 16.6% — and she dropped out of the race in March, six weeks before the PA vote.

Some of these votes can be attributed to voters not realizing she had dropped out, but the Trump campaign should have driven that point home. Haley’s supporters represent the more moderate side of the GOP, whose members don’t always agree with the MAGA ideas coming from the Trump camp.

Trump is also underperforming at the ballot box compared to his polling numbers. For example, before Super Tuesday, Trump led Haley by 30 points in Vermont — a state she won with 50.2% of the votes to Trump’s 45.9%. In Maine, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, Trump’s final election percentages are about 5 points below where the polls thought he’d be sitting.

In Oklahoma, polls showed Trump leading with 88% voter support, but the primary outcome shows he only obtained 81.8%. These results not only show the fallibility of polling numbers but also suggest the former president still has a way to go if he hopes to rally the moderate segment of the party.

In her speech announcing the suspension of her campaign, Haley said, “It is now up to Donald Trump to earn the votes of those in our party…who did not support him.” It looks like he hasn’t done that yet — at least not with her supporters.

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