Over 60 Generators Stolen from Trump’s Miami Resort

(LibertySons.org) – Thieves stole close to 70 generators from former President Donald Trump’s Miami golf resort, piling the units into the back of two different vehicles. Released surveillance footage shows one of the burglar’s trucks driving through the unsecured property. Police are on the lookout for three or four suspects, and they’re considering the possibility that at least one of the perpetrators works at the resort.

A white Ford F-150 truck with tinted windows appeared on surveillance footage of the National Doral Miami golf resort maintenance area at around 5 p.m., and it left shortly later with at least 30 generators in the back. NBC Miami 6 reports that the thieves dressed like construction workers, and they brazenly stole the items in broad daylight while pretending to belong on the property. They returned in a white van roughly five hours later and snagged another 30 or so units.

The New York Post states that the generators had been on the property in preparation for a LIV golf tournament the resort was hosting in a couple of weeks. Security personnel were present, but the construction outfits might have allowed the thieves to blend in. Police have multiple leads, and authorities suspect the group may be behind other robberies in southern Florida. Residents have reportedly fallen victim to the same tactic in similar crimes, one of which occurred only about two weeks before the Trump resort heist.

Local news station WPLG reports that two men dressed in bright yellow construction vests, masks, and hats hopped a fence in a gated community, appearing as though they were in the neighborhood on business. A resident saw them on private surveillance footage taken from outside her house after a neighbor shared that their home had been burglarized.

The video shows one man walking down the street with a piece of paper — holding it in a way someone might with a work order or service bill — and then two men walking toward the back of the neighbor’s house. The individuals then allegedly broke a sliding glass door and took off with the homeowner’s jewelry. Those suspects are also still at large.

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