Over 25 Killed in Gaza Airstrike During U.S. Envoy Visit

(LibertySons.org) – Tensions between Israel and the United States appear to be at an all-time high. President Joe Biden recently threatened to withhold military aid from the longtime American ally if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu moves forward from a major invasion of Rafah, a city in Gaza where more than a million refugees are hiding. Recently, the Israeli military pounded the region with airstrikes while a US envoy met with the PM.

On May 19, Jake Sullivan met with Netanyahu in Israel. The White House national security adviser reportedly implored the Israeli leader to start going after Hamas in a more targeted way in Rafah so that they would minimize the number of civilian casualties. He reportedly told Netanyahu to connect the war to a “political strategy” for Gaza’s future.

Sullivan was also there to discuss negotiations with Saudi Arabia that could lead to the Arab nation recognizing Israel and helping the Palestinian Authority govern Gaza after the war. The Saudis want there to be an eventual path for statehood for Palestine, something Netanyahu has long rejected.

While Sullivan was visiting, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched multiple attacks in Gaza using tanks and airstrikes. At least 28 Palestinians were killed in the military action, according to health officials in Gaza. Most of the casualties occurred after an airstrike on a house in Nuseirat. The Gaza Civil Emergency Service claimed that rescue teams recovered the bodies of 150 dead Palestinians in recent days. They also alleged that approximately 300 homes were struck by ground fire and airstrikes.

On May 17, the Pentagon announced that the US-built floating dock was finished, and aid was beginning to move ashore. The World Food Programme stated that it expected more shelter, food, water, and medical supplies to arrive in the coming weeks. Trucks would then transport the supplies to warehouses in Deir Al Balah, where they would be distributed throughout Gaza.

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