Nine People Accused of Massive Gold Theft

( – So far in 2024, the price of gold has skyrocketed from around $2,000 per ounce to well over $2,300, making the commodity a valuable asset to buy and hold. However, some people would rather not go through the expense of buying the investment and would rather steal the valuable metal. In 2023, a group of people did just that, pulling the largest gold heist in Canadian history.

About one year after the cargo container with about $14.5 million of gold disappeared from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, authorities made some arrests. The Peel Regional Police apprehended nine people they believe were involved in the crime. The authorities said 6,600 gold bars were stolen, melted down, and used to buy illegal firearms. During the arrest, dozens of firearms were seized, and about $65,000 cash was recovered.

In April 2023, the thieves allegedly ordered the gold bars and foreign currency from a refinery in Switzerland. When the shipment arrived, an “unidentified individual” entered the warehouse, presented a fake waybill, and walked away with the gold and cash.

One of the individuals charged, Parmpal Sidhu, worked as a warehouse employee with Air Canada. The owner of the jewelry store, Ali Raza, was also arrested for the crime. Others allegedly involved included Amit Jalota, Ammad Chaudhary, and Prasath Paramalingam. Another suspect still at large is Simran Preet Panesar, a former Air Canada manager who had the audacity to give the police a tour of the facility after the theft.

Police are also still searching for two others — Archit Grover and Arsalan Chaudhary. The driver, Durante King-Mclean, was also arrested in Pennsylvania.

Peel Regional Chief Nishan Duraiappah said the heist seemed like something out of a “Netflix series.” Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown said he never “imagined” having to deal with such a theft. He compared the heist to “Ocean’s Eleven.”

Details about the punishment the suspects faced were not immediately made available.

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