Newsom’s Surprise Beijing Meeting with Xi Sparks Outrage Over Climate Remarks

( – California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) recently embarked on a trip spanning numerous cities in China. He claimed the large Chinese population in the Golden State put him in a unique position to work with the communist country’s leaders on climate action, economic development, tourism, and xenophobia. The California governor posted a picture of himself sitting beside Chinese President Xi Jinping on X, recently known as Twitter, and users immediately slammed him with snarky and outraged replies.

Newsom noted that California and China had two of the largest economies in the world, so neither could tackle climate change without the other. He implied that the meeting might somehow help with solutions, although he didn’t list any examples of how he planned to convince the world’s largest producer of carbon emissions to tone down its output.

One X user pointed out the fact that China’s yearly emissions more than doubled over the past couple of decades and claimed Newsom was aware of the figures. Another wanted to know what kind of carbon footprint the governor’s long-distance, five-stop trip left. Other posters focused on California’s many plights, which include rampant homelessness, an epidemic of drug abuse, and a $31 billion deficit. They point to terrible infrastructure and ridiculous prices at home, with residents still struggling to make ends meet while the state leader is off attempting to solve the world’s problems.

California Rep. Darrell Issa (R) added his thoughts to the fray, according to Fox News, by criticizing Newsom’s choice in examples to follow, adding that China was not a trusted ally. Daniel Turner, who founded the energy worker advocate group Power The Future, felt that the California governor was “fear-mongering” and pushing “radical green groups.”

Supporters of the trip are hopeful that it will push efforts in the right direction. Fox News speculates that Newsom might simply be gearing up for a presidential bid.

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