Michigan Republican Clash Leads to Split Leadership

(LibertySons.org) – Michigan is one of the most important battleground states in the upcoming presidential election. At a time when the parties should be getting their ducks in a row to prepare for the fight ahead, the GOP is battling with itself. Now, there are two different groups with two different chairs.

The drama in the Michigan Republican Party began when it elected Kristina Karamo to lead the party. The former community college professor was known for pushing conspiracy theories and promised to move the party away from wealthy donors. Then, in December, the usually robust Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference was a bust. The conference usually allows donors to shake hands with GOP presidential candidates, but this time around, only Vivek Ramaswamy showed up. Many of the people who wanted Karamo elected turned against her and accused her of failing the party.

The state GOP’s finances were $600,000 in the red as of November. State GOP Committee member Dawn Beattie sent an email to conservatives that month apologizing for helping to get her elected, calling her a “tyrannical incompetent dumpster fire.”

On January 6, 40 members of the state party committee voted to remove Karamo as chair. She disputed the decision, arguing that the meeting where the vote took place didn’t meet the party’s bylaws. On January 13, a majority of the party met and voted to keep her in her position.

However, the members who voted Karamo out on January 6 said she isn’t in charge any longer. Some members of that group voted to appoint vice-chair Malinda Pego as acting chair. They sent out a letter to the state party letting them know she was the new leader. In response, Karamo banned Pego from official party affiliations for five years.

Michigan Precinct Delegate Warren Carpenter said the vote to reinstate Karamo “holds no merit” because she was “voted out by the bylaws” earlier this month. He said a lawsuit will be coming to put the issue to bed once and for all.

The Republican National Committee has not weighed in on the fight.

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