McCarthy Raises Concerns for US Security from Hamas Attack

( – In the early morning hours of Saturday, October 7, Hamas attacked Israel, catching the nation by surprise. Many called for answers in the aftermath as to how the country’s intelligence, known for being top-notch, could have failed it so significantly. Now, one US lawmaker is warning that the same thing could happen to the United States.

Speaking with The Washington Free Beacon, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said that the attack on Israel took everyone by surprise, including the US. He said that should be a “wake up” call for Americans that this kind of event could happen — again — on US soil. McCarthy specifically pointed to the border crisis and how agents have “caught more people on the terrorist watchlist in February,” which could be an indicator that there are “cells sitting inside of America right now.”

McCarthy isn’t shy about laying the blame at President Joe Biden’s feet. The POTUS’ willingness to appease Iran, he says, and the release of $6 billion in sanctioned money for the exchange of hostages has helped fuel the attack. He is calling for the president to refreeze those assets. Republicans and some analysts say this money has helped fund Hamas. Yet, the money, which is earmarked for humanitarian aid only, hasn’t been touched.

The former speaker also says he’d be willing to take up his old role, from which he was ousted earlier this month, because having no leader in Congress shows weakness and has raised concerns that the US won’t be able to make critical decisions to help Israel.

The White House has denied that any diplomatic relations with the West Asian country contributed to the Hamas’ war effort in Israel. Iran, which celebrated the attack, also denies having any involvement, placing the responsibility solely on the shoulders of Palestinians who were fed up with oppression.

Yet, McCarthy said this should serve as a warning to everyone because “intel is never perfect” and “everybody should look at their own intelligence right now.”

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