Liz Cheney Unveils Alarming Details of Trump’s Secret Strategy

( – Wyoming Conservative Liz Cheney recently released a new book, “Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning,” which she’s promoting while she decides whether to make a third-party run for the Oval Office. Cheney unveiled alarming details about former President Donald Trump’s secret strategy in a recent interview with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow during her eponymous show.

Maddow asked Cheney about a passage in her book where she described calling and listening to a January 4, 2021, briefing given by Trump attorney Jenna Ellis to “surrogates,” or individuals who would represent Trump’s viewpoint to media outlets. Ellis explained to the press representatives that on January 6, the campaign expected that Vice President Mike Pence could either refuse to open or count electoral votes from contested states.

The proposed plan seemingly didn’t leave much room for legislators to maneuver. Cheney described herself as intensely concerned that Team Trump would successfully use the fake electors and Pence to successfully stop the peaceful transfer of power, creating a Constitutional crisis.

After hearing the plan’s outline, Cheney rushed to the Capitol to meet with the House parliamentarian to ask how legislators could stop the scheme. Parliamentarians advise each House in Congress on permissible procedures and rules. Very few options existed. She called that point in time a “dangerous and chilling moment.”

After the tumultuous events of that day, Cheney denounced Trump and served on the House Select Committee to Investigate January 6. However, her opposition cost her party leadership role, constituent support, and, ultimately, her seat in the House.

She said she and J6 Select Committee members later learned that Pence had met with the Senate Parliamentarian to discuss the legality and ethics of what Trump had asked him to do. Ultimately, after quietly consulting with legal experts and other former vice presidents, Pence performed his duties as he believed the Constitution required. Cheney described his actions as brave.

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