Kennedy Family Criticizes RFK Jr Over Super Bowl Commercial

( – John F. Kennedy ran a campaign advertisement in 1960 that’s still memorable today. The ad depicted JFK, a senator at the time, as a young and experienced challenger to then-Vice President Richard Nixon. The ad had a fun little jingle that played as images of Kennedy flashed across the screen. More than 63 years after the commercial aired, a super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. remade it and angered members and supporters of the Kennedy family.

On February 11, more than 200 million people tuned in for at least some of Super Bowl LVIII. One of the $7 million 30-second commercials was a campaign ad for RFK Jr, an independent candidate for president. The ad wasn’t a new one, though. The American Values Super PAC superimposed RFK Jr’s face over his uncle’s and kept the song.

The response to the ad was swift. RFK Jr’s cousin, Bobby Shriver, who is the son of Eunice Shriver (JFK’s sister), issued a statement criticizing the ad for including a photo of his mother. He called out his cousin’s anti-vaccine position, saying his mom would have been “appalled” by the candidate’s healthcare policies.

Maria Shriver shared her brother’s criticism on her X, formerly Twitter, account. Mark Shriver issued his own statement saying he supported his brother’s remarks about the ad.

RFK Jr. responded to Bobby directly, apologizing if the ad “caused [him] pain.” He said the super PAC created the advertisement without his input, reminding his cousin that it’s illegal for campaigns and PACs to coordinate.

The candidate then issued a similar statement on his own X account.

Members of the Kennedy family have repeatedly spoken out against RFK Jr’s positions in the past. Many of them have endorsed President Joe Biden in the 2024 race.

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