Kate Middleton’s Disappearance Spurs Increase in Conspiracy Theories

(LibertySons.org) – Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, underwent an unspecified planned abdominal surgery in January, and no one has seen her since. Kensington Palace stated that she would be in the hospital for two weeks while she recovered, and the royal is reportedly planning to stay out of the public spotlight until after Easter. Still, conspiracy theories have been flying that she may have suffered complications.

Fox News reports that Middleton is in Windsor, finishing her recovery at Adelaide Cottage, and a spokesperson stated that she is “doing well.” They haven’t disclosed the reason the princess needed the surgery, which is par for the course for the royal family. The British monarchy traditionally remains quiet about members’ health issues, but it reportedly opted to share vague details about the surgery to prepare the public for her extended absence.

Still, the rumor mill has been bustling with speculation. Journalist Concha Calleja, who reports for a Spanish-speaking news broadcast called “Fiesta,” alleged that Middleton had postoperative complications that led to doctors intubating her and inducing a coma. The reporter alleged that “practically an entire hospital” had been brought into her private residence, and at least once, the princess was in “dangerous” condition. Other Spanish-speaking news outlets have shared similar news.

The New York Times states that Prince Charles’ absence at a recent memorial, which was held for his godfather, King Constantine of the Hellenes, sparked additional conjecture. The prince reportedly missed the event due to a personal matter, which some people took as evidence that Middleton might not be doing as well as believed.

Other news points to Middleton being just fine. Her younger sister, Pippa Middleton, was recently spotted vacationing at a luxury hotel in St. Barts, a French Caribbean island, according to The List. The publication writes that the sisters are close, so the younger sibling probably wouldn’t be enjoying herself on the beach unless the princess was okay.

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