Judge Silences Trump from Commenting on Witnesses in Hush Money Case

(LibertySons.org) – Former President Donald Trump is facing several prosecutions in multiple areas of the country. He will first stand trial for 34 counts of falsifying business records. Prosecutors believe Trump tried to hide alleged hush money payments to protect his 2016 run for the presidency. On March 25, Judge Juan Merchan set the trial date for April 15 and issued a limited gag order against the former president the next day.

After the judge set the trial date, Trump went to social media to complain about the ruling. He stated that Merchan was a “Trump-hating judge” and was from a family of “Trump haters.” The former president specifically mentioned the judge’s daughter, including where she worked. In response, Judge Merchan swiftly issued a partial gag order, stating Trump’s “threatening” and “inflammatory” words won’t be tolerated. The defendant is now barred from publicly commenting about witnesses, court staff, jurors, and their families.

Merchan basically said Trump couldn’t be trusted to regulate his speech about the trial, noting his “longstanding” history of attacks against “judges, jurors, lawyers, witnesses,” and the like.

Although Trump’s attorneys tried to fight the order. They claimed that the defendant needed to be able to respond to attacks out of fairness to the voters since he was running for president. Still, Merchan was not swayed by their arguments.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, a witness in the upcoming trial, thanked Merchan for issuing the order. He said he’s been the victim of “relentless” attacks from Trump’s “MAGA supporters.” However, he was sure the former president would quickly violate the order.

This isn’t the first time a judge has issued such an order against the former president. He already had to pay a fine for violating a similar order during the successful defamation and sexual assault civil case against him brought by E. Jean Carroll.

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