Judge Rejects Trump Attorney’s Request for Mistrial Following Stormy Daniels Testimony

(LibertySons.org) – On April 15, the criminal case against former President Donald Trump started in Manhattan, marking the first of its kind in American history. The defendant is accused of making a hush money payment to a porn star through his attorney and then falsifying his records when repaying the lawyer. The prosecution asserts that he did that to illegally influence the 2016 presidential election.

On May 7, the hush-money recipient, Stormy Daniels, was called to the stand by the state. The witness spent several hours talking about her encounter with the defendant in 2006 and subsequent hush-money payments. Daniels reportedly spoke in great detail about their alleged sexual encounter, a story that seemed to infuriate the defense.

After a lunch break, Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, called for a mistrial. He said the witness’ testimony was only brought to embarrass his client and prejudice the jury. Justice Juan Merchan disagreed, denying the motion.

Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger said her team was “extremely mindful” of not eliciting too many details of the alleged sexual act. While Merchan admitted there could have been some information left out of Daniels’ testimony, he also promised to instruct the jury to take only a portion of her testimony into account during deliberations.

During her testimony, the judge heard Trump cursing at the defendant’s table and “shaking his head.” Merchan made it clear that the defendant’s antics were unacceptable and his lawyers needed to “speak to him.” Daniels said on the stand that she wanted the defendant to “be held accountable” for his actions. She took the stand on May 9 to continue her testimony.

The case is expected to continue into June. It’s unclear how long the jury will take to reach a verdict on the 34 felony counts against him. If found guilty, the defendant will not be able to vote for himself in the presidential election in November.

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