Judge in Trump’s Fraud Case Issues Gag Order

(LibertySons.org) – Justice Arthur Engoron, the judge overseeing the fraud case against former President Donald Trump, two of his sons, and numerous related LLCs, issued a gag order barring the defendant from making any further attacks against the court’s staff. The judge made the demand after Trump posted negative comments about his principal clerk.

Social Media Blasts

Trump has blasted officials, judges, and the Department of Justice at nearly every turn of every criminal and civil hearing against him. Most recently, the former president posted a picture of court clerk Allison Greenfield posing alongside Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). He also alleged she was behind the fraud case New York officials were pursuing against him. He called her “Schumer’s girlfriend,” suggesting she worked in cahoots with the Democrat.

POLITICO states that Trump initially put the message on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. However, he also reportedly added it to Instagram and blasted it via email to his followers. He did so in the morning on Tuesday, October 3, while the trial was in process. Engoron called both the defense and prosecution to the back when the court took its lunch break. He allowed no reporters into the room but publicly issued a gag order later that afternoon, noting the attack and making clear that he would hold a zero-tolerance policy on further attempts at smearing the court.

Engoron had privately warned Trump the previous day to stop posting about people involved in the proceeding — an order the MAGA leader clearly hadn’t been taken seriously enough to follow — but whatever the judge said during the break was enough to make Trump delete the posts. The New York Times suggests he may have reminded the former president that violating a gag order could leave him with up to $1,000 in fines and 30 days in jail.

New York’s Civil Fraud Case

Trump, sons Donald Jr. and Eric, and the Trump Organization are accused of taking fraudulent actions to increase their net worth by up to $2.2 billion between 2011 and 2021. They allegedly repeatedly misrepresented the value of their assets, grossly defrauding insurers and banks in the process.

Axios obtained a copy of a court transcript recording Trump’s latest defense, which he claims is enough to merit his dismissal from the case. He insists his work as president forced him to push the Trump Organization to the bottom of his priority list, so he wasn’t a part of any fraudulent decisions. Instead, he implied prosecutors should be going after his son, Eric, who was “much more involved.”

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