Judge Denies Challenge to $148 Million Judgment Restriction in Giuliani Bankruptcy

(LibertySons.org) – Typically, when trying to curry favor with a judge, one would do everything in one’s power to comply with the court’s demands and deadlines. However, such is not the case with one of former President Donald Trump’s personal attorneys.

Former presidential lawyer and one-time mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, is facing a bankruptcy settlement of $148 million. Not surprisingly, he doesn’t agree with that figure — not many people would — so he would like to appeal the decision.

So far, the judge in the case, Sean Lane, has not agreed with that request and, as part of the decision-making process, has ordered Giuliani to produce various documents and other information regarding his financial status. He’s also supposed to sell two properties. He has apparently failed to do these things.

In December 2023, two Georgia election workers were successful in their bid to sue Giuliani for defamation stemming from remarks he made after the 2020 general election. He was ordered to pay $148 million in damages. Claiming he was unable to pay the settlement, he filed for bankruptcy protection.

As part of that case, Giuliani was prohibited from appealing the defamation case pending the filing of financial documentation and other requirements. The bankruptcy judge is disappointed with the progress being made and refused to lift the barrier that would allow the defamation case appeal to move forward. In addition, Giuliani recently lost his job as a radio show host at KABC Radio, further complicating his ability to pay the defamation settlement.

Rachel Strickland, an attorney for the election workers, is claiming Giuliani has done nothing to work toward paying the settlement saying, “They have done nothing. They sold nothing. They settled nothing.” She even went so far as to claim he got fired on purpose so he wouldn’t have to pay.

There is more to be settled in both cases as financial decisions are made and appeals filed.

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