Judge Delivers Favorable Decision to Donald Trump in Fani Willis Case

(LibertySons.org) – On March 15, Judge Scott McAfee of the Fulton Superior Court in Georgia ruled that District Attorney Fani Willis could continue prosecuting former President Donald Trump in the state’s 2020 election interference case against him. The question emerged when it was revealed that Willis had a romantic relationship with fellow prosecutor Nathan Wade, who she brought in to work with her on the case. After the decision, Trump’s team sought to appeal.

On March 20, McAfee reviewed the request to appeal and determined that Trump and his co-defendants could file an appeal of his decision and try to disqualify Willis from the case. The former president’s legal team felt the previous ruling allowing Willis to continue on the case if Wade resigned was “insufficient.” They felt there was still the “appearance of impropriety,” stating whether she continues with the prosecution in the case against Trump and others was “of the utmost importance. Some legal experts believe the action could further delay the RICO case.

The next step for the defense is to request a pretrial review of the judge’s order by the Georgia Court of Appeals. Lead Attorney Steve Sadow is reportedly “optimistic” about their chances to prevail. He believes the review could lead to a case dismissal and Willis’ disqualification. However, college law Professor Anthony Michael Kreis recently told Newsweek that an appeal would be an uphill battle because McAfee was very precise in his explanation as to why Wade and Willis’ relationship didn’t affect the case against Trump.

While Judge McAfee already dismissed three charges against the former president in the Georgia election interference case, Trump still faces 10 charges. The judge ruled that Willis could refile the counts he quashed if she chose. There is no word from the DA stating her plans to bring those charges again if she’s ultimately allowed to continue on the case.

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