Judge Criticizes Supreme Court and Constitutional Originalism

(LibertySons.org) – According to average polling reported by FiveThirtyEight, less than 35% of those surveyed approve of the US Supreme Court. The high court has faced harsh criticism from unpopular decisions regarding abortion rights, accusations of conservative justices ignoring precedent, and ethics scandals absent a proper ethics code. Recently, a state Supreme Court justice expressed his thoughts on the matter.

Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Todd Eddins accused conservative SCOTUS justices of being “incredibly dishonest” in their “originalist” interpretation of the law regarding some of his rulings. Eddins pointed to State v. Wilson, in particular, where he interpreted the Second Amendment differently than those on the US High Court. During a recent interview with Slate, the justice said SCOTUS completely “disregarded the text, history, tradition, and purpose” of the constitutional amendment “in their rulings on gun rights.”

In Wilson, the Hawaii Supreme Court agreed to uphold a law that prohibits citizens from carrying guns in public without a license. Eddins interprets the Second Amendment with regard to a “well-regulated militia” rather than individual rights. The US Supreme Court seems to have the opposite view, leaning more toward individual rights and ignoring the militia language put there by the country’s forefathers.

Eddins said he believes the Supreme Court justices “cherry-pick history” when rendering decisions. He also blasted the concept of originalism and the conservative justices’ lean towards it, stating it revives “judgments of a racist, misogynistic, homophobic society.” The state Supreme Court justice said he feels a “responsibility to speak out against the horrors and treachery” happening at the High Court.

The Hawaii justice also brought up the Dobbs decision, which stripped away a woman’s right to choose at the federal level. Eddins said that the SCOTUS ruling highlighted how important state Supreme Courts are in “protecting the fundamental rights of citizens” since the highest court in the land is “abdicating that responsibility.”

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