Jon Stewart Faces Backlash for Attacking Biden

( – President Biden’s mental decline is now causing splits to emerge on the left. Liberal comedian Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show on Monday. He’s already in trouble for pointing out what we can all see –- that the president isn’t 100% present.

Stewart States The Obvious

For 16 years, from 1999, Jon Stewart presented Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, turning it into one of the country’s most popular political satire shows. Then, in 2015, he left. There was excitement among his fans in January when Stewart announced he’d be returning as a weekly guest host, and on February 12, he made his long-awaited comeback.

As a satirist, it was natural that Stewart would focus on the most disturbing political issue of the week –- special counsel Robert Hur’s report into the president’s improper storage of classified documents.

In fact, Stewart’s comments were pretty mild –- he just pointed out that Biden “had no ability to recall very basic things under questioning,” which, seeing as Biden twice asked Hur when he’d been vice president, isn’t exactly a controversial statement.

Stewart went on to show clips of President Reagan saying he couldn’t remember things and joked that “the leading cause of early onset dementia is being deposed.” Stewart also poked fun at Biden’s recent call for the president of Mexico to open the border with Gaza, saying, “geography buffs might have noticed Gaza and Mexico do not share a border.”

Liberals Lose Their Tempers

Unfortunately for Stewart, it turned out that criticizing Biden’s mental abilities, even when the sad state of those abilities is on public display, is more than many Democrats can stand. X (formerly Twitter) erupted with condemnation of Stewart’s comments; one user complained that “His ‘comeback’ was hyped up for this take?” while another called it “the laziest of humor.” A third said that many people who had been excited about Stewart’s return were “now totally p*ssed off at him.”

Stewart’s critics seem to be missing the whole point of political satire, which is to spark discussion of weighty issues by using humor to highlight them. Under all his jokes about Reagan and geography, Stewart was making a serious point, and he even stated it plainly for the hard of thinking; he said, “It is not crazy to think that the oldest people in the history of the country to ever run for president might have some of these challenges.”

President Biden is 81 years old; if he wins in November, he’ll be 82 by the time he starts his second term. At that age, few of us are mentally at our best, and that’s something we need to consider when we vote. Stewart’s critics aren’t just complaining about a comedian; they’re trying to shut down a legitimate debate.

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