Joe Flaherty Passes Away at 82

( – Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1941, Joe Flaherty grew up to become a comedian. His career started in the early ‘70s on the National Lampoon Radio Hour, but really took off when he joined a group of other well-known comedians like John Candy, Rick Moranis, Catherine O’Hara, and Martin Short on the Canadian sketch comedy series “SCTV.” Recently, his family released a sad message about him.

Flaherty died on April 1. His daughter, Gudrun Flaherty, confirmed the news to Variety, stating her dad passed away “after a brief illness.” She called him an “extraordinary man” known for his big heart and focused “passion for movies from the ‘40s and ‘50s” — the golden age of cinema.

Ms. Flaherty said that love shaped his career and became a “fascination” for her as well. She reminisced about how she and her father spent a lot of time watching classic movies together while he was sick, adding that those are memories she will cherish. Gudrun Flaherty said, “Above all, he was a loving father.”

Recently, some of Flaherty’s former cast members and friends from “SCTV” hosted a fundraiser to help the actor/comedian with the cost of his healthcare. Short shared a message stating that his friend was “very ill” and wanted to spend the time he had left on this earth “at home rather than in a facility.” He said the cast was asking that fans of “SCTV” help Flagerty in that venture.

After his death, Martin Short told Variety that he had been friends with Flaherty for over 50 years and that he “just adored him.” He said those on SCTV referred to him as “the anchor,” adding that he was “the funniest man in the room.”

Flaherty’s other roles during his career included spots on “Who’s Harry Crumb?” “Back to the Future II,” “Happy Gilmore,” “King of Queens,” “That ‘70s Show,” and “Frasier.”

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