Jan. 6 Rioter Slammed to the Ground in Court

(LibertySons.org) – Authorities arrested Vitali GossJankowski, 34, after the January 6, 2021, capitol riot. A federal jury found the former student guilty of both felony and misdemeanor charges in March 2023, but Judge Paul Friedman allowed GossJankowski to remain free on post-trial release pending appeals and sentencing. However, that condition came to a very sudden halt on October 30 after prosecutors entered a motion and evidence before Friedman, resulting in more than a half-dozen court officers tackling the convicted rioter to the ground.

Federal authorities accused GossJankowski, a former student of the prestigious Gallaudet University, a DC-based global education leader for hearing-impaired students, of “doxxing,” or publicly posting the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of law enforcement agents who testified against him as well as prosecutors and court staff in his case. According to CBS-affiliated WUSA9 in DC, GossJankowski also called for “employment extermination” of the FBI’s Washington field office on social media.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Francesco Valentini showed messages containing antisemitic and homophobic terms referring to FBI and law enforcement agents. Valentini argued that the convict had shown no remorse or responsibility for his part in the actions he took on Jan. 6 or after that. After seeing the evidence, Judge Friedman reversed his previous order and remanded GossJankowski to custody while he awaited additional court proceedings and the sentencing phase.

The judge noted the prisoner’s actions had become too extreme for him to react by simply ordering him not to post about law enforcement or court officers, especially considering the recent rise in threats to judges. He explained the prisoner’s First Amendment views had no bearing on his ruling. Instead, he said, “I’m detaining him […] for inciting violence.”

Yet the convicted rioter, who is deaf, wasn’t aware of the ruling until his ASL interpreter, participating via an internet connection, translated the information. Upon learning the judge’s decision, GossJankowski protested and resisted attempts to take him into custody. As a former defensive lineman in college, the 34-year-old literally dragged federal Marshals and FBI agents toward the exit door until nearly a dozen federal Marshals and court officers tackled him to the floor, overturning tables, chairs, and monitors in the process.

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