Iran-Supported Terrorists Kill Three American Soldiers in Jordan

( – Iranian-backed militants have carried out dozens of attacks on bases that house American troops since the beginning of the Israeli war against Hamas. Now, three US troops have been killed. President Joe Biden’s administration vowed revenge, while former President Donald Trump blamed his successor’s policies for the deaths.

On January 28, Biden announced an unmanned aerial drone attack hit a base housing US forces in Jordan, near the Syrian border. Three Army Reserve soldiers were killed, and at least 34 others suffered injuries. The soldiers belonged to the 718th Engineer Co., 926th Engineer Bn, 926th Engineer Bde out of Fort Moore, Georgia. According to the Department of Defense, the soldiers were assigned to Operation Inherent Resolve, an operation targeting the Islamic State.

Approximately 350 Air Force and Army personnel are deployed at the base where the attack occurred. The strike hit near the barracks early in the morning. Biden blamed Iranian-backed militants for the attack.

Former President Donald Trump took to TRUTH Social to attack the POTUS about the deaths. He said that the attack was “another horrific and tragic consequence of Joe Biden’s weakness and surrender.”

The Trump campaign released another statement from the former president, claiming his “Maximum Pressure policy” worked so well that Iran was “barely scrap[ing] two dollars together to fund their terrorist proxies.”

President Biden vowed to retaliate against the militants. Republicans are urging him to carry out strikes in Iran. The president now has to decide what he wants to do and how far he wants to go. He gave no indication as to how exactly he would respond to the attack.

Brian Katulis, a national security expert who worked for former President Bill Clinton, told The New York Times that he thinks the administration is probably trying to find a response that is “not too hard” that it starts a full-blown war in the region, something the administration has been trying to avoid for months.

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